Woman, 23 years old, road traffic accident, pedestrian.
DS: closed craniocerebral injury, cerebral concussion, Closed fractures of the pelvic bones: the pubic bones (Nakatani III), sacrum (Denis I), on the right side, left pubic bone (Nakatani II), sacrum (Denis I-II), on the left side. Closed comminuted fracture of the right olecranon.

Emergency ex-fix of pelvic ring. Immobilization of the right elbow joint plaster splint.

In the 9th day, removing of the ex-fix, minimally invasive osteosynthesis of the pelvic bones: the right and left pubic bones with interlocking nails. The ISJ were fixed percutaneously with cannulated screws on S1 level on both sides. ORIF of the right olecranon with the LCP plate.

The duration of the operation was 90 min + 20 min.
Blood loss was minimal.

Pain killed on the 2nd day of the operation, the full load on the lower limbs is allowed.

In the 5th day the patient walks independently, without additional support.
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