A male fell from the 9th floor.
Before the fall, he had stabbed himself with a knife: 15 puncturing wounds in the front abdominal wall and 6 penetrating wounds in the neck.

The patient got an unstable, displaced pelvic ring fracture.

On admittance, pleural cavity drainage was performed on both sides. The Pelvic External Fixator was applied to the right hip and pelvis. Laparotomy with wound closure of the damaged organs in the abdominal cavity was performed.

On the 16th day after the admittance and the surgery, the minimally invasive pubic bone osteosynthesis with a blocking nail and sacrum osteosynthesis with a cannulated screw were performed.

The view of the anterior abdominal wall after the surgery.

The postoperative cosmetic result was excellent. This treatment technique of the pubic bone fractures is less painful and it allows patients to become active sooner. It helps avoid bed sores development and improve a treatment result.
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