41 years. Female, victim of the car accident (passenger)
Arrived from another hospital in 4 days. She had severe pain in her lower back. No damage nerves

DS: Isolated injury. Complete zone 2 sacral fracture and bilateral rami fractures with ring deformity.d AO / OTA 61-В2.1; Young-Burgess LC-I

No Ex-Fix. In 5 days a minimally invasive fixation of the rupture of pelvis was performed. Minimaly invasive so called Sklif-style osteosynthesis of both rami fractures and then perc iliosacral screws through S1 and S2. Blood loss was minimal (less than 10 ml), the duration of the operation was 75 min.

The cosmetic result is excellent. Imediately started rehabilitation activities after operation. In 7 day she can stand without crutches.
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