Woman, 19 years old. She fell from the fifth floor (about 14 meters)
She received an unstable pelvic ring fracture: H-type fracture of sacrum with displacement, fracture of rami pubic (Nakatani II zone - right) with displacement. She had numbness in the perineum and pain in the lumbar region irradiating to the lower limbs. There were movements in the feet.

On admittance the supraacetabular Ex-Fix was applied to pelvis.

On the 4th day after the injury, ORIF the pubic bone osteosynthesis with the retrograde blocking nail and remove ExFix were performed
•Approach – «truncated» pararectus approach
•Intra/op blood loss – 100 ml
•duration of operation - 90 min

Thus, we were able to turn the patient over on the abdomen and perform iliac-lumbar fixation with a transpedicular system.

Mobilization: The full body weight load on both legs using crutches is allowed right away after the surgery.
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