A male 52 yo. He was hit by a car (pedestrian).
Polytrauma (ISS 11). The patient got an unstable, displaced pelvic ring fracture: complete sacrum fracture (Denis I-II), right pubic fracture (Nakatani I & II), left pubic fracture (Nakatani II) with displacement.

On admittance the Supraacetabular Pelvic External Fixator was applied to the pelvis. After 9 days we noticed an inflammation of the tissues around the screws.

In 10 days after the injury, both pubic bone osteosynthesis with the retrograde locking nails and CRIF of the sacrum osteosynthesis with the cannulated screw were performed.

24 hours after surgery there is no pain. The patient can sit and stand on both legs with crutches.
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