Man, 57 years old. He fell to the ground (height unknown).
There were vertical fractures of sacrum: Denis II (left) & II (right). Pubic fractures: Nakatani II right & left, rupture of the membranous part of the urethra. Stable hemodynamics. On admittance performed epicystostomy. The patient noted severe pain in the pelvic and a restriction of movement due to pain.

In the 12th day after the injury, the PerQ pubic fractures osteosynthesis with the retrograde locked nails (Pu-Lock) and PerQ fixation of the sacrum fractures with cannulated 6.5 mm screws on the S1 level were performed. Post/op roentgen images and CT.
• Intra/op blood loss – min
• duration of the operation - 90 min

The next day, pain syndrome killed. The patient can sit and walk with crutches after operation due to stable osteosynthesis.
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