64 years. Male, jumped from the roof (two-storey house)
DS: polytrauma (ISS 21). Multiple fractures of ribs from both sides with complications (pneumothorax and hydrothorax). Factures of transverse processes L1-L4. Pubic bone fracture (Nakatani II) and sciatic bone on the right with displacement, fracture of the right iliac bone with displacement, left iliac bone without displacement, rupture of the sacroiliac joint on the right. AO / OTA 61-В2.2; Young-Burgess LC II.

Comorbid: chronic renal failure, obesity, anemia.

At admission, an unstable fracture of the pelvic ring was fixed in the Ex-Fix. Because of the bulky anterior abdominal wall, we have applied a special type Ex-Fix (sub-cristal)

In the intensive care unit, the patient undergoes respiratory care, hemodialysis and anti-shock therapy. After stabilization of the patient's condition (10th day after the trauma), a minimally invasive fixation of the rupture of pelvis was performed. Blood loss was minimal (less than 10 ml), the duration of the operation was 60 min.

Imediately started rehabilitation activities in the ward resuscitation. So this allowed us to turn the patient on his side.
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