According to published data, the annual rate of pubic rami fractures is 26 per 100,000 persons.
Treatment of pelvic injuries remains highly relevant in traumatology. An increased number of individuals with pelvic injuries is associated with the development of high-speed transport and high-rise construction. Severe injuries affect both posterior and anterior pelvic ring bones with a similar frequency.

In young patients, pubic rami fractures (especially in case of unstable pelvic injuries) result from the impact of a high-energy traumatic force. A pelvic injury is often a component of a combined or multiple trauma, which aggravates the general condition of the patient and complicates the treatment in combination injuries, especially at the resuscitation stage, when, according to the Damage Control principles, urgent stabilization of the pelvic ring is required as part of anti-shock therapy.

In elderly patients, isolated pubic rami fractures are more common. These fractures are generally low-energy injuries; however, they are often accompanied by severe pain, loss of support function, and severe mobility impairment. Moreover, drug therapy with a long-term forced position in bed in these patients is often associated with immobilization-related pneumonia, decubitus ulcers, and thromboembolic events.

PelvicFractures is a project of Doctive LLС in collaboration with the specialized research centres of Russia, Venezuela, Italy and Germany. We are focusing on the development of new surgical techniques and new devices for fixation of unstable pelvic ring fractures.

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